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LED Backlight Panel for LCD

- LED Light Panels for backlit glass, resin, onyx, acrylic or transparencies.

Improved (larger) Color Gamut for more Life like Images

An advantage of LED backlighting is its provision of a wider color gamut compared to
CCFL backlit LCD televisions. LEDs cover a broader range of red and greens up to
114% of the NTSC standards. With being able to display a more extensive range of colors,
comes the attribute of colors being more natural or lifelike as they are closer to the human
eyes color perception range.

LED backlight panels are available in any size, shapes (Including Radii)
with eight different illumination levels. Light levels from the acrylic panels
range from soft accent & backlight display lighting to full area illumination.
Because of their High Powered LED light source and solid state construction
the LED backlight panels are lightweight, thin 3mm (less than 1/8's of an inch),
extremely energy efficient, with life spans of up to 50,000 hours while remaining cool to the touch.

Magicsky LED backlight panels consist of daylight balanced LED's embedded in optical
acrylic plates with light distribution grids dots printed on the acrylic panel..
These unique dot grids allow the light to be evenly distributed throughout the
panel creating a homogenous, glare-free illumination.

Our magicsky LED light panel is a high brightness, evenly lit, back and edge-lit light solution.
Up to 90% more energy efficient than fluorescent backlit displays (with no
unsightly cool spots) which result in more money saved and a dramatically
reduced carbon footprint.

Lower Power Consumption
LED backlights have a lower power consumption than traditional
backlighting sources. LED manufacturer, Luminus, quotes 60%
reduction in power consumption for LED backlighting
compared to conventional mercury-arc lamps.

led backlight

Environmental Benefits
The significant lower power requirements of LEDs equate to reduced air pollution from carbon emissions. The longer life span of 100,000 compared to around 20,000 for CCFL saves resources through being replaced less often. Conventional CCFL backlights contain some mercury leaving a safe disposal problem. LED lighting can be manufactured to conform to the European Unions RoHS initiative to restrict the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. The Directive bans the placing on the EU market of new electrical and electronic equipment containing more than agreed levels of lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyl (PBB) and polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) flame retardants.

OEM Service
MagicSky can provide OEM service for the customers, for example, if the customer need some special type of backlight panels, MagicSky can also do them only if the customers provide their CAD file or their idea. Any type of model like round, rectangle, Star etc. are available. They are can be insert under the LCD panel to light them and they can also work as a lighting panel for normal light use.

Input Voltage:
The input voltage of led backlight is very small and so it is very safe, white, blue, green lamps run 3.0-3.2v the highest is 3.4v. while red, yellow, orange, run 1.8v-2.2v the highest is 2.4v.

LED & Pins types:
The led can be SMD with soft wires pin and DIP with rigid pin, the SMD is the higher technology with better steady and life, but the brightness is less than DIP, although the life of DIP is less than SMD.
And the connector can be molex like the picture.

LED Lighting Panel or Box
Material: acrylic and aluminium
LED units: 216
power ratio: 95lm/W
color vendor index: 85RA
input voltage: AC 100~240V
lifespan: 50000hours
lluminous flux: 3950~4020lm
3528 power of unit SMD: 0.2W
package: 5pcs/CTN
size: 600x600x20mm
OEM Service are available, we can help our customer produce the goods according to their requirments, any size and any type are also available only if they can provide the draw as well as size etc. The price is also different depend on the type and size etc. For the details, please contact us.

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